Get Involved

If you want to help get Mark Vondrasek elected as the next State Senator for Legislative District 9, there are many ways to contribute and get involved. From donating, to coming to meetings with Mark, to grabbing a yard sign or helping Mark write chalk messages all over District 9, there is something for anyone to do to help build the Political Revolution in Omaha.

How You Can Help

Donate – Mark’s two establishment opponents are trying to raise $100,000 each.

Mark wants to win this election with the support of small donors – and so far he’s done it. Mark won’t take money from business owners and local Oligarchs pretending to be philanthropists – he’s been successfully running this grassroots campaign on small donations for over two years: the average donation to Mark’s campaign is less than $25. Make a one-time donation, or sign up for recurring payments on ActBlue.

You can make donations in several secure ways:

Venmo: @Mark-Vondrasek
CashApp: $MarkVondrasek

Climate Change

We live in the most unequal society on Earth and in the history of Earth. This society’s waste and consumption has led us to the ecological collapse and mass extinction that is currently underway. We must make a plan for Nebraska to address the impact of Climate Change and to prevent the extinction of the human race on Earth along with countless other animal species – and that plan must not be funneled through a lens of economic growth and “jobs”. We must listen to what scientists tell us and make a plan accordingly, even if it means disrupting the economy and our standards of living. We must not only transition to a renewable energy production grid, we must change from consumption and growth to an economy that is built to meet the needs of people, not just endlessly search for more profits at the expense of the health and well-being of Workers and the environment.  

Fighting Climate Change starts with transitioning to a renewable energy production grid and ends with us disrupting and replacing our outdated, wasteful, and racist economy with one built to meet human needs first before the needs of corporations and land owners.

Chalk – Mark has been using simple white chalk to spread messages like ABOLISH ICE and RESPECT ABORTION all over District 9 for over two years.

You may have seen them near your house or in a local park! Now, Mark uses chalk to write a specific message about his campaign all over the District. These messages feature Mark’s full name and instructions to Mark’s website & Social Media.

Mark wants volunteers to pick ONE LOCATION where they can constantly maintain a message of their own for the duration of the campaign. In front of your house, or on a street corner nearby – this is a grassroots campaign and Mark has over 15 volunteers writing chalk messages all over District 9 – weather permitting!

Message Mark on Facebook and he will BRING YOU CHALK for free to use where you want.

City Council – Mark attends City Council meetings.

This activity is an important pillar of Mark’s Community Organizing – it keeps him informed and educated not only about what’s going on in District 9 but also about how local government works and *is working*. Mark has built relationships and a reputation at City Hall that will help him be a more effective State Senator. Mark can be trusted to defend his values and fight for his ideas while also working respectfully with those who he disagrees with or who deserve criticism – as all public officials do. Mark knows how to “reach across the aisle” without selling out or making friends with fascists.

Join Mark at City Council anytime – Tuesdays at 2pm at City Hall, 1819 Farnam St, Downtown Omaha.

The Housing Struggle – Mark is an official organizer with a local Housing Rights group.

This group organizes with tenants to fight abusive slumlords, greedy property management companies, and luxury developers who all participate in and profit from the Gentrification that is overtaking Midtown Omaha. While Urban Sprawl continues in West & North Omaha, Real Estate Developers have turned “The Housing Market” upside down in the urban core of Omaha by competing with first-time homebuyers for affordable housing stock and building nothing but luxury apartments.

Mark and this Organization fight back by organizing tenants, going with tenants to negotiate with Landlords, holding sit-ins in the offices of slumlords, going to Eviction Court with tenants, helping Tenants move, and building tenant unions at individual buildings all across Omaha. This isn’t Electoral work – this is grassroots organizing to take power away from Landlords and Property Owners and give it back to Tenants. This isn’t Political Activism – it’s Community Organizing.

If you want to get involved in Tenant Organizing here in Omaha, message Mark on Facebook.