Mark Vondrasek

For Nebraska State Senator Legislative District 9

Born and raised in District 9, Mark attended church at Mt. Calvary Lutheran,  grade school at 55th & Leavenworth, and high school at Central High in downtown Omaha.


Mark believes the solutions to our problems will come from Workers, not the government; things will change for the better only when Workers are put in charge of politics, the economy, and every single workplace. His platform focuses on Climate Change, the Housing Struggle, and Public Mass Transit.

The Leadership Our District Needs Right Now

About Mark

Mark has been active in local politics for over 10 years in Nebraska and is a seasoned and respected Community Organizer and Activist. He’s not only been to and organized large protests and demonstrations, but he is also a part of grassroots organizations here in Omaha that work to challenge the status quo from the bottom up by organizing with regular everyday Working Class people.  

2020 Nebraska Democratic Primary

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Get Involved

If you want to help get Mark Vondrasek elected as the next State Senator for Legislative District 9, there are many ways to contribute and get involved. From donating, to coming to meetings with Mark, to grabbing a yard sign or helping Mark write chalk messages all over District 9, there is something for anyone to do to help build the Political Revolution in Omaha.